Strawberry plants

The propagation and cultivation of strawberry plants has a prominent position at Thwan van Gennip’s nursery. Propagation takes place in our modern greenhouses and the plants are increasingly being grown in tray fields. During the cultivation process, the plants are closely checked and managed. Using modern analysis techniques (see quality) the greenhouses and propagation fields are monitored for disease-free cultivation.

Thwan van Gennip can supply the following strawberry plants, but if you are interested in a different variety, we will of course see how we can assist you.

We can supply the following plant types: Large tray (250cc), mini-tray (125cc) and plug plants (85cc).

We can supply the following popular varieties:
June bearing plants:  Aprica, Clery, Elsanta, Gariguette, Limalexia, Malling Allure, Malling Centenary, Malling Vitality, Sibilla, Sonata and other varieties on request.
Everbearing plants: Ania, Arabella, Aurora Karima, Cantus, Favori, Florice, Hademar, Malling Ace and Murano.

See the film below for an impression of how our strawberry plants are grown.