Rakete is a very early, 100% male hybrid with excellent qualities. In comparison with other early asparagus varieties, Rakete is clearly a healthier plant.


According to our current knowledge, Rakete is suitable for all asparagus soils. The variety is very vigorous and vital, has rapid seedling development and can therefore develop quickly in the field after planting. When growing asparagus in single rows, we recommend a plant density of 4-5 plants per metre. Rakete is suitable for all forcing systems.

The plant

Rakete has dark green, robust summer shoots. The foliage is relatively loose and has high tolerance to all kinds of asparagus leaf diseases.

  • Extremely early variety
  • Very vigorous and vital
  • Very high yield potential
  • Striking white spears


Rakete is a particularly early variety that often starts the asparagus season. Rakete also has a very high yield potential. The spears are strikingly white and uniform and are mainly in the 16-26 mm grade class. The crop produced by Rakete is smooth with good tip closure.

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