Raffaelo is a late male hybrid with excellent quality characteristics. This variety has a high production potential.


Raffaelo is suitable for cultivation in all soils. Its proven spear thickness ensures that production is economically profitable and that plots can be used for long periods of time. The ideal plant density is  4-6 plants per linear meter. Raffaelo is especially suited for late asparagus production and prolonged cultivation under white grow sheets.

The plant

Raffaelo presents average-height, stable, and robust foliage. While the green foliage is relatively dense, it is very resistant to all common leaf diseases in asparagus.

  • Late male hybrid
  • Very good spear thickness
  • Good tip closure
  • High yield potential


Despite its late harvesting season, Raffaelo has a high production potential. The spears are straight, smooth, and have nice closed tips. Raffaelo has uniformly sized spears within the range of 20 mm and 26 mm. There is a low proportion of rusty, hollow and bent spears.

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