Maralim is a 100% male hybrid for harvesting white asparagus in a temperate climate. The variety is especially well-suited for the mid-early harvest in Northwestern Europe. Maralim provides continuous quality until the end of the season. Whether in mini-tunnels or in uncovered crops, Maralim is a source of reliable yield and quality.


Maralim is a variety that performs best on well-drained sandy soils. Years of practical experience, in the Netherlands and abroad , have shown that Maralim performs best at planting densities of 5 plants per linear metre. The recommended planting depth under normal conditions is 15 – 25 cm; planting any deeper means harvesting will start later. Sufficient irrigation ensures that Maralim delivers the best quality and highest yields.

The plant

The foliage of Maralim is compact and not susceptible to lodging. Despite the fact that the foliage dies off naturally early in the autumn, a good store of reserves is built up for the plant.

  • Very good tip closure
  • High yield potential
  • High spear weight
  • Excellent flavour


Maralim produces a typical white, straight asparagus. The variety produces asparagus with the best tip closure in its segment, with high resistance to breakage, hollowing, pink discoloration, and rust. Most of the grading is in the class 20 – 28 mm. Consumers rate Maralim as very flavoursome. The perfect tip closure allows harvesting rhythms to be adjusted, without compromising on quality. The high yield and good grading translate into more Class 1 kilos, resulting in a higher yield per hectare.

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