Magnus is a 100% male hybrid and is suitable for the early to medium-early cultivation of white and green asparagus in southern Europe.


Magnus can be grown very well in southern Europe under black/white plastic foil and in tunnels or mini-tunnels. The recommended planting density is 4-5 plants per linear meter.

The plant

The foliage of Magnus is exceptionally upright, highly branched, and has an open structure. Magnus is strongly resistant to Puccinia Asparagi (asparagus rust) and has low susceptibility to Botrytis and Stemphylium.

  • 100% male hybrid
  • Early to medium-early variety
  • White and green asparagus
  • Plant density: 4-5 plants per linear meter
  • Well-closed tips
  • Very good spear quality


Magnus asparagus is of a very good quality and has an excellent flavour. Magnus is a very pale white asparagus with smooth spears, well-closed tips, and little or no susceptibility to hollow spears.

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