Asparagus plants

The region where Thwan van Gennip is located boasts very good sandy soils, perfect for the cultivation of asparagus plants. Because of this soil, typical asparagus diseases, such as fusarium oxysporum asparagi and phytophthora are almost non-existent. Of course, strict requirements are imposed on the plots in terms of irrigation, organic matter, acidity and permeability. The foregoing are thoroughly tested and investigated beforehand. This benefits the grading, vitality and quality of the plants. The asparagus plants are supplied in accordance with the Select Plant quality mark. For more information about the Select Plant certification requirements click here.

The varieties offered by Thwan van Gennip are 100% hybrid. The company decided on this approach because of the advantages of these varieties, such as vigour, straightness and the colour purity of the asparagus. For all of these varieties you will be provided with comprehensive cultivation advice based on our years of experience.

See the film below for an idea of how our asparagus plants are grown.

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Greenhouse: Backlim / Cygnus
Outdoor growing: Backlim / Cygnus


Vital Soil: Cumulus / Frühlim / Gijnlim / Prius / Rakete / Ramires / Vitalim
Light sandy soil: Cumulus / Daleza / Frühlim / Maralim / Prius / Ramires / Vitalim

Vital soil:  Cygnus / Daleza / Grolim / Maralim 

Backlim / Herkolim / Raffaelo / Solidems / Mosalim

Second early: Cygnus / Grolim / Vitalim

Late: Backlim / Herkolim / Raffaelo


Magnus / Starlim / Sunlim / Vegalim