Quality first

Quality is a very high priority at Thwan van Gennip. With an expert and enthusiastic team, the company supplies excellent planting materials with extra added value for you as a grower. The core values of Thwan van Gennip are high-quality strong plants, expert advice and good service.

The company has a large number of plots available which it uses for the propagation of both strawberries and asparagus plants, as a result of which the growing location can be changed frequently, thereby significantly reducing the risk of disease.
In order to maintain the high level of quality in the different plots, and to keep the prevalence of disease as low as possible, a large percentage of the land is left fallow and maximum use is made of the opportunity to alternate fruits.
Thwan van Gennip also guarantees the quality of the planting materials by using a network of reliable, professional advisors who specialise in their own specific crops. In addition, the best analysis techniques for flower cluster sizes, plant sap and soil analyses are used. This means that Thwan van Gennip leaves nothing to chance and the company supplies 100% planting material to its customers.
Thwan van Gennip is not afraid to say that, through the combination of its own production and plant nursery, it is able to always supply the best products to customers. Thwan van Gennip’s plots have been checked and will continue to be checked by Naktuinbouw (the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture). The planting materials are checked during field and shed inspections.

For asparagus plants, Thwan van Gennip is affiliated with Select Plant.
For strawberries, raspberries and blackberry plants, Thwan van Gennip is affiliated with Naktuinbouw.

Highly motivated and knowledgeable staff

Continual monitoring and analysis of results. Then taking the appropriate action through adjustments, development and further innovation. The company has an excellent network of consultants, laboratories and, equally important, we regularly hold brainstorming sessions with our customers. Our organisation also boasts short lines of communication. Put simply, our company is all about people!

A focus on the sustainable employability of staff

In our view, the development, innovation and professionalisation of individuals, the team and the company are extremely important. We work towards the sustainable employability of staff through team meetings, get-togethers, an open-plan office, open communication, good working conditions and a pleasant company culture. We engage external consultants who provide us with the advice we need in this regard.

Investments in good accommodation are of the utmost importance and this accommodation is readily available!

Learning from experience

As well as plant cultivation, production is also an important specialty at Thwan van Gennip. The company grows strawberries, blackberries and raspberries in greenhouses, tunnels or under rain shelters. This is to ensure that we can meet our customers’ demands and high quality standards. Strawberries are produced from mid-February through to mid-December. The GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate and BRC certificate have been obtained for these commercial crops. Due to our own experience in production, we are able to engage with others at the highest level. We are also happy to share our experiences.