What grows here…

Thwan van Gennip focuses on the cultivation and propagation of strawberry plants, the cultivation of asparagus, raspberry and blackberry plants, commercial growing of strawberries,  raspberries and blackberries in substrates. With a committed and ambitious team, Thwan van Gennip always strives for a 100% result which you will benefit from.

The seed of the company

Founder Simon van Gennip started the company in 1962 as a producer of planting materials for open-field vegetable crops and soft fruit. From the early years, the cultivation plan has always largely focussed on market demand and as a result of that, the company has constantly been evolving. During the last decades, the cultivation of vegetable crops has been phased out completely. In addition to the production of vegetables and fruit, in 1962 Simon started to produce planting materials for strawberries and asparagus. In 1999, Thwan took over the company and mainly focussed on improving strawberry, asparagus, raspberry and blackberry plant cultivation.

By always being on top of changes and innovations in plant cultivation both now and in the past, the company has been able to take a strong market position, making it very attractive to customers.


High-quality tray plants

From order to delivery, everything was well organized. They take the time to give good advice. They know what they are talking about and the plants looked good

Super Elsanta plants!

The plants you delivered look very good. No plants to sort out, no pre-flowering, no weeds and the plants are well even. Compliments!

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