Raspberry plants

Thwan van Gennip has been growing up raspberry plants for own production for a few years. As a result of the excellent production results of the plants from Thwan’s own nursery in particular, the demand for these plants arose from the customers. This was a good reason for Thwan van Gennip to also focus on nursery grow up raspberry plants especially for the customers. The plants are reared in pots of 1.8 litres with 2 long canes per pot. The use of the V-trellis system as well as a higher incidence of light create a stronger bud development, which provides a considerably higher harvest potential than the results from traditionally reared plants.

Thwan van Gennip stands out due to the combination of the own production, nursery grow up and the V-trellis system. This experience means that the company can also provide detailed cultivation advice to customers for this product, and first hand!

For production cultivation, Thwan van Gennip can offer the following varieties:

Glen Ample         Mid early variety. Very productive with firm fruits

Tulameen           Mid to late variety. Very productive with tasty fruits

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