Quality above all

For Thwan van Gennip, quality is a very high priority. With an expert and enthusiastic team, the company supplies excellent plant material with an extra added value for you as a grower. A high-quality strong plant, expert advice and a good service are the core values of Thwan van Gennip.

For nursery grow up strawberry plants and asparagus plants, there are a large number of plots available, as a result of which the growing location can be changed frequently and the risk of diseases decreases considerably.

In order to keep the quality of the plots at a high level and to keep the pressure from diseases as low as possible, a large percentage is left fallow, and maximum use is made of the possibilities of alternating fruits.

Thwan van Gennip also guarantees the quality of the plant material by utilizing a network of reliable, professional advisors with their own specialisms for the various crops. In addition, the best analysis techniques for flower cluster sizes, plant sap and soil analyses are applied. This means that Thwan van Gennip leaves nothing to chance and provides its customers with 100% plant material.

Thwan van Gennip dares to say that, due to the combination of own production and plant cultivation, customers are always supplied with the best products. There is a 100% guarantee that the plant cultivation takes place completely separately to the own production. The plots of Thwan van Gennip have been checked and will continue to be checked by NAKtuinbouw. The plant material is checked both during field inspections and shed inspections.

For asparagus plants, Thwan van Gennip is affiliated with Select Plant.

For strawberry plants, Thwan van Gennip is affiliated with Naktuinbouw (previously Elite).

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